Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arlington National Cemetery

We got to visit the cemetery and see the changing of the guard. It was a really good experience, but a little sad too. The headstones seem to go on and on forever.

It was beautiful though, with flowering trees everywhere. It reminded me that I'm grateful to all those who have served our coutry.

ps. on a purely technical note, I don't know why these pictures are so small. I attempted to make a photo collage, but I didn't want the pictures to look so tiny and I don't know why they are or how to make them bigger. Anyway, you can click on it to see them more close up- they really are pretty pictures and I spent a lot of time retouching them! I may just scrap the collage and post individual pictures so you can actually see them. The technical aspects of blogging really drive me nuts! I wish I was better at them.

1 comment:

NanaPeggy said...

These are really great pictures. What did you use to retouch them?
Can't wait to see more.