Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Quilts on the Wall (Finally)

I've been planning to hang this quilt that a friend made for the baby on the wall in her room. Well, she is now 20 months old and still bunking with us, so I decided what the heck, I'll hang it anyway. It is a big improvement over the ugly white wall above our bed that the kids smear their dirty handprints on when they jump on the bed! I found these cute Pottery Barn quilt hangers on Craigslist.
This heart quilt was one of the first quilts I made, it was my practice for my sister in law's wedding quilt. Now that Valentine's is over, I thought I would hang it up on the (other) ugly white wall, and it is a big improvement! I never really thought to hang it in the living room before because I thought it wouldn't really go in the room, but nothing in here really matches anyway, so whatever! I still love this pink and brown color combo. Someday I will make this awesome wall hanging quilt for Easter!

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Sweetpea said...

I love the brown and pink combo.