Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Still Like Bunnies and Chocolate!

After my last post, I just thought I should clarify that! I'll always love the decorating and "fun" part of holidays too! It's great to find the balance between all the fun stuff and the religious meaning that works for your family. The Easter Bunny will definitely be hippity hopping our way this weekend! (he'd better because I need my mini eggs and peanut m&m's!) I haven't really bought much new Easter decor this year, but I do love this "chocolate" bunny and natural-looking foam eggs I found at Joann's. I love the pretty soft pastel colors of these eggs, plus they really match my quilt I just hung on the wall! I've had these chicks for a while, I think they're from Target, and this bunny bowl I got at Target this year, but that's about it. It's hard for me to pass up pink holiday decor! Speaking of Easter Egg hunts and such, I sure hope it warms up a little this weekend, because it is dang cold today!


Shelley said...

Thanks for your comment : ) I grew up in the Idaho Falls area, my grandpa and his parents both lived there as well. I know we have some Dredge relatives in Malad and I'm sure we're related somewhere. Enjoy your week.

Natalie said...

I see you have been to Target. I went to this year and bought egg cups in all the colors. I went a little overboard and bought 2 of each color, but oh well.