Sunday, April 05, 2009

I Love Conference Weekend

It's almost like a holiday for me. For the first time since being on the East coast we have BYUTV, and it is so wonderful! Before we would try to watch it on the computer and it would get stuck every few minutes and drive me totally crazy! Plus it was hard for us all to get in good viewing position to watch the computer screen, so we would give up and just listen to it. So anyway, being able to just sit in the living room on comfy couches and watch uninterupted yesterday was great. This packet for kids really helps my kids with reverence during conference. I'm sure most have seen them by now but just in case you haven't, here is the link. My goals aren't big as far as kids paying attention. Hey, I'm just happy if they're in the room! I do try to get them to listen when the Prophet speaks, and on Sunday I'm more strict about listening.

We spent Saturday morning furiously cleaning so by noon we could just sit and enjoy the sessions. The regular Saturday chores, plus cleaning out our cupboards and drawers and- hopefully- sterilizing them with bleach. We have had an infestation of these horrible meal worm moth things in some of the food. They are so disgusting and will get into everything, even things that are sealed and haven't been opened yet, and little spice jars. I had to open up and check, plus clean off each individual spice jar. Ugh! I won't describe to you the utter putridness of what you will find in an infected item! It's just too gross. Coincidentally, it was last conference weekend we cleaned out and threw out a ton of food, which was so frustrating! They were gone for a while but came back, so yesterday we did an even more in-depth cleaning and hopefully it will help. My husband read up on the internet that they don't like bay leaves, so we sprinkled bay leaves all over!

I also cleaned out our fridge which as you may remember, is one of my least favorite jobs! Annie, where are you when I need you? ( and no, I haven't done a deep fridge cleaning since before the baby was born, but in my defense we have gotten a new fridge since then! At least I could bend over this time, that helped) I tend to wait until it is really disgusting to do anything about it (am I being too honest here?) Last week it started to smell really bad, and every time the door was opened, it stunk up the entire house. The culprits? Rotten sausage and tupperware of old beans. I may need a housekeeping intervention. So anyway, we did all that plus the ever present million plus loads of laundry!

In the evening the big boys and Dad were off to priesthood session together and I was left home with the littles. In our ward they do "priesthood pizza" beforehand which is nice for the YM esp. A little food to soften the blow of two hours of Saturday night church (after 4 hours of Saturday church!) So far, I love Elder Hale's talk about provident living. I needed to hear that, I've been going a little overboard with my spending lately (who, me?!) I love when there is a talk that feels like it is directed right to me, even if it's a little painful and guilt-inducing! So, new goal is to temper my wants and use up what I have. Happy Sunday conference watching to you!


Peggy said...

Did you really post this at 2AM? I love Conference. Yah for watching in your pjs! Today's talks were so powerful. I felt the same way about Elder Hale's talk. I am the queen of wastefulness. I vow to do better. I can't believe you guys got those bugs again, guess they were waiting for spring! Yah for cleaning it always makes me feel good when my house is clean and more organized. Hope I get to talk to you later today.

Sweetpea said...

Oh man, I really need to start a fridge cleaning show. Although, I admit that I doesn't do the actually wash down thing very often, just did it for the first time since we've lived in this house last week! But, I do have some rules. No leftovers stay in my fridge after one week. And I routinely get rid of stuff that is has expired. I think a lot of people need a fridge intervention. And I'm just the one to do it.

Machelle said...

I just love being home with family watching conference. I was really exhausted though, after having been in the hospital. Anyway about those bugs. I got them when someone gave us a box of food around Christmas time, years ago when I raised my sisters four kids. The only way I got rid of them was to use my scuncii steamer in all the corners and space in the cupboards. I also sprayed with windex afterwards. I have not gotten any since then. Hope that helps.