Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Was Cold...

but we still had fun!

Our weekend was: 3 outdoor egg hunts, Youth Easter Concert, Easter bunny before EARLY church, & family dinner. Lucky for us the soccer game was cancelled! And true to form, I just HAD to start making an Easter basket for my Kindergartener at 5 pm on Saturday afternoon. For me, it just wouldn't be a holiday without a last minute craft project! He really appreciated it though, so it was worth it. It was fun to sit and weave while watching The Ten Commandments on TV, which I've been doing on Easter weekend as long as I can remember. Every year as a kid I'd say- this year I will make it to the parting of the red sea! Of course, I was usually snoozing long before that.

It was kind of exhausting, but really fun and as you can see I took about a million pictures. I'm not really good at narrowing down pictures, I need to figure out how to do a mosaic to save some space because when there are so many cute pictures I hate to leave any out. Anyway, I've been having fun with Picasa effects, "glow" and "soft focus" are my new best friends. I really like the film grain too. I've been feeling like a horrible photographer lately, when I compare pictures I've taken to everyone else's pictures I see on blogs. Now I realize- they're ALL retouched. Now I feel a lot better! I'm sure if I were willing to take a little time and actually read my camera manual and practice and stuff that would help too- but I'm just too impatient!

We had two huge delicious meals in two days. My sister made this awesome cake, she's way into fancy cake decorating. That was one of about 5 different desserts I had this weekend, and don't even get me started on candy. Guess it's time to start my diet! I love this picture of my mom's Rosenthal china, that was her mom's, brought home from Germany after my grandparents presided over the Berlin mission in the 60's.

Hope you all had a fun Easter/Passover weekend also!


Stace said...

I can't even believe how big (or cute) A. has gotten. We must set up a date -- I am having withdrawal from seeing my nephews and niece!!

Sweetpea said...

Fun pics! Wish I had been there. A is so adorable! I'm a dork, I only got one picture of my kids in their Easter outfits. But, we are getting pictures done in a couple of weeks.