Friday, March 20, 2009

They are the Champions!

The Winning Team!

We had quite the exciting few days last weekend. A school play, birthday party, and my boys church basketball team became the stake champions! They were playing against lots of their good buddies who were recently moved to another ward, but that didn't seem to stop them from playing their hardest. It was a really exciting game, and that's saying something coming from me! Tomorrow they get to go to a regional, multi- stake tournament in New Hampshire. The whole fam is going to go up there to cheer them on. Should be exciting!

Good sports:

Celebrating the big win:

My boys in action:

The coach of the other ward's team is our good buddy Matt, who the boys love! He wasn't too happy during this game though, sports are serious business for Matt!

Our team's coach (one of the boys YM leaders) is awesome. My boys worship the ground he walks on. He brought a bunch of his old ties to scouts one night and my boys each took one and wear it proudly. To quote my son: "Dax is the man." In fact, all of the Young Men's leaders in our ward rock. They are just awesome, I feel so lucky that they have such a great program and my kids love being involved in church youth activities. They teach them outdoor skills, basketball skills, and lots of other skills, but mostly they teach them by example how to be good people who want to live the gospel, make good choices and serve the Lord and His children.

It is so wonderful that they are provided with positive activities on a regular basis, and the chance to hang out with other kids with similar values. How many places do you think you could go to watch about 20 boys and three or four coaches, plus a whole bunch of spectators play a basketball game, and not hear one swear word? I challenge you to find one! It seems like every five minutes or so I'm taking them to some kind of church youth activity- and that's fine by me! They have great ward leaders, seminary teachers, and stake leaders too. I couldn't do this whole parenting of teenagers thing without all of them, not as well anyway. I love my church and the wonderful way it helps me raise my family!


Natalie said...

Oh, church sports are very serious.

Nana said...

Yeah for the Arlington ward!! Yeah for JJ and MP!! They look good out there on the court! Yeah for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are so grateful for a church that teaches gospel principles and reaches out to the youth. Yeah for the Youth! They are super!!

love_suz said...

Nice job Boys!