Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sunday Thought

God In Nature

The Lord is great, the Lord is great!

The skies are his castle's countless rooms,

his carriage is storm,

thunder and lightning his horses.

The Lord is great, the Lord is great!

The rosy dawn is but a reflection

of the hem of his cloak,

and, compared with his splendor

the setting of the sun

is just a flaming light.

He looks down to earth graciously,

and the earth turns green, blossoms

and laughs.

When he scolds,

rocks burst into flame

and the sea and the sky tremble!

Praise the Almighty Lord God,

you lights of his castle,

you hosts of the sun

blaze to his glory,

you continents, sing his praises!

-Ewald Christian von Kleist (English translation Clive Williams)

photo credit: Mark Mabry

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