Thursday, March 05, 2009


With a slight bit of embarassment, I admit that for the first time ever, I have ordered something "as seen on TV." These things had better work, because if there is one thing I am lacking, it is space! In our family, it is a fun pastime to make fun of those commercials- our current favorite to mock is the "Snuggie." And who can forget- clap on clap off- The Clapper! A classic. Mighty Putty is pretty funny too. I'm sure you can look these up on Youtube if you don't know what I'm talking about.
So anyway, despite our tendency to poke fun, I kept seeing these commercials for the Space Bags and thinking, wow, I could really use those. I could show you the huge stacks of clothes and blankets I've got lying around everywhere in my house, but I think that's more embarassment than I can take!
Anyway, I should have them in about 3-4 weeks, just in time to put away all the winter stuff (I hope- of course we did get 8 inches of snow on Monday, for Pete's sake!) I will try them out and then report back to you. If I'm not completey satisfied I can return them for a full refund, right?
So, how can I lose?


Allison and Nathan said...

My kids always tell me I REALLY need all of the products they see on info-mercials. The Space Bags is actually one I have considered. We also lack some storage space.

Sweetpea said...

We have used them and liked them pretty well. We just found eventually they got holes and wouldn't work anymore, but we just got them in the store, so maybe they were a knock off.

Machelle said...

I actually bought the magic bullet and I love it. So hopefully you will like your bags.

Kristin said...

I found these bags at Target and liked them, I did have one that got a hole and will not shrink down anymore. The key is not to overfill them. Hope you like them!

Natalie said...

Hey let me know if you like those bags. Our house has no storage at all either. I told Justin I wanted to get those bags and he said they didn't work, but I think your friend is right, don't over fill them. Also, don't put anything in them that will puncture them, once they get a hole they are no good.