Friday, March 20, 2009


True fans will know exactly what these initials mean! My 7th grader was in his school's performance of High School Musical last weekend, and it was great! (He is the skater dude in the black sweatshirt and green hair!) He didn't have a huge part but he did have a few lines and it was very exciting to see him perform them. He said his lines with lots of energy and volume! This was his first musical and he really enjoyed it. Being in this production was a big time commitment, and took a lot of effort on his part so I'm proud of him for doing it. These pictures aren't the greatest, you couldn't use the flash, but at least you get the idea.

Many adults aren't exactly in love with HSM, but I will admit that I am actually a pretty big fan. We own all three movies and I think they are great, especially the first one. Yes, they are a little cheesy, but I love the music and the big dance numbers. Most of all I'm happy that SOMEONE is producing entertainment for kids that has a positive message, and isn't loaded with images of teens drinking, doing drugs, sleeping around, and vandalizing stuff. There is so much of that kind of entertainment that I'll take whatever clean stuff I can get- and if it has a bunch of singing and dancing too, all the better! I think drama is a great activity and I'm glad we've got a budding actor in the family. I'm looking forward to lots more productions to come!


Natalie said...

I will admitt it too that I love those movies. I haven't seen the
3rd one yet, but want to rent it. I agree. I just had to have a talk with my 5th grade class about the type of movies they keep talking about. I hate that kids are exposed to so much vulgarity. They think they want to be so grown up, but I tell them enjoy being a kid while you can. I love HSM and I wish I could have seen Mason in that play. Miss you guys.

Nana said...

Way to go Mace. Wish I could have seen that. You look pretty cool up there.

PamperingBeki said...

This is so cute!

As soon as I saw these pics, I started humming "We're all in this together..." .