Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eventful Week

We've had quite the exciting couple of weeks. My husband fell and sprained his ankle playing basketball at the church one night last week. He couldn't really walk so stayed home icing and elevating the next day. After running around town picking up crutches and an ace bandage, I got home and received a call from the school saying that my kindergartner had an accident on the playground and fell and hit his head and I needed to come get him right away. The dreaded call for a Mom to get! So I raced over to the school and it was so bad we went straight to Children's hospital.

He had fallen of a swing and split his head open really badly right over and into his right eyebrow. It was totally obvious that he needed stitches. I am not good with blood, wounds, needles or any of those things, and driving downtown in the city is extremely stressful for me. Two of my worst phobias put to the test in one day!Since my hubby was down for the count at home I really didn't have any choice but to take care of the situation. I said a little prayer, or a few actually in the car that I could get through this, and I know that is what saved me. When they started the procedure in the ER, I waited for the dizziness and sickness that usually hits me to come, and it didn't. It was the least affected by that kind of thing I've ever been. That was a really big blessing. I went totally the wrong way to the hospital at first, but then turned around and finally found it. By the time I got into the ER, I was so flustered and shaken up that I couldn't really think straight. I sat down to check in and the lady started asking me questions, simple ones like, what is his birthdate? What is his middle name? I couldn't think of the answers! I had to pause and think about each one! After a minute the nice lady was like, that's ok, take your time. I'm sure she deals with freaked out parents all the time so she's used to it!

Well anyway, to make a longish story shortish, 6 hours and 20 stitches later we were back home. He was such a trooper, very brave. They gave him some medication to relax him so he doesn't remember getting the stitches, he thinks he slept through it all. Thank goodness, because it took her about an hour to get it all fixed up.
He actually likes having a beat up looking face, he thinks it makes him look tough! When he lost his first tooth last month, he said, " I wish I had a black eye too, then I'd look really cool!" Last week he lost tooth #2 so here is a picture of him with his cute little gap-toothed smile. The top picture is the day he got his stitches out, it looked much worse when it first happened. He had huge scratches all down the side of his face. Now he just has a little scar- it looks like an upside down Y forking down through his eyebrow. Good thing he's a boy!

As if that all weren't enough, my oldest son has had this nasty, horrible looking skin infection (picked up from wrestling no doubt- it grosses me out just to think about how he got it), for a month. I will spare you pictures, but let me just say, it's not pretty. This thing is so stubborn, he is now on double antibiotics which we are hoping will finally kill it! It started on his leg and then the other day jumped up to his face! He had to miss two days of school this week, and has been to the doctor's office 3x in the last couple of weeks. My sister says this is what I signed up for when I had 5 kids, and she is right except I hope we get a break for a while!

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Nana said...

Owie!! He does look pretty tough though! All boy!!