Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Decor

I was really inspired by Valentine's trees that I saw on different blogs like this one and this one. Why wasn't I smart enough to go out after Christmas and buy a white tree for $5? Will add to next year's to-do list! For that matter, why didn't I save my 5th grade Valentine's?! I already had all of these hearts from Ikea, which I bought at a post Christmas sale a couple of years ago. I borrowed my mom's Easter tree and covered the green bottom with some red fabric and voila! Instant makeshift Valentine tree! The baby "helped" me decorate it this morning. She kept saying oooh, hots, oooh! Very cute. Here is a closeup of one of the blocks on the Valentine's quilt I made:

So, on Superbowl Sunday I woke up REALLY early in the morning thinking about Valentine's Day decorations and how I didn't have any. I decided that I NEEDED to make a Valentine's quilt. Like, right then. Why not, it's not like I don't have huge piles and stacks of fabric laying around all over my house! I decided that I would make this quilt out of only what I already had, and that is what I did, right down to the pieced together scraps of batting I used. Yay, I love it when I'm thrifty! I found some adorable pink and red fabric and decided to use the Buggy Barn "Heather" pattern, which I've used before. A couple of times actually! It's one of my favorites. Of course it took longer than I thought but at least it is on the wall ONE day before Valentine's day. Next year it will be there starting February 1st!

Since I was trying to be thrifty, I used this white with red polka dotted fat quarter for the binding, and then ran out with about 12" to go. I decided to just make it work and ironed over the last little scrap that wasn't wide enough so I could use it for my french binding, which is supposed to be attached at a slant, which turned out to be impossible to do with a piece that isn't the right size. It's hard to really describe what I did, and I really recommend not doing this on your quilt! The only reason I could get away with it here is that this is a wall hanging and it won't be used to snuggle up in, or sleep under, or be washed a lot. I am a pretty bad example of quilting techniques in general since I tend to not plan ahead and have no patience and just end up winging it a lot!

Anyway, down at the bottom of this post is a picture of what I'm talking about. If you know how to do a quilt binding you will see what is wrong here. I tried to do it right, but if there is one thing I hate, it is ripping out stitches so after doing that once I decided to just forget it, let the seam be straight and the whole thing be way too thick and chunky and forget about it! It really doesn't even show too much, even on the back. The part of sewing that is hard for me is the mathematical, geometrical part, like trying to figure out how to sew things inside out and backwards to make them come out right side out. Very confusing! This was an example of that for me. Anyway, I know this is a very boring explanation, esp for non quilters so I'll stop now! It looks cute hanging on the wall, so whatever!

I made the quilt to cover the Ugly Wall. In my living room there is this random, weird, framed hole in the wall. It kind of drives me nuts. In the fall I cover it with my fall quilt, and I really need to make a little quilt to cover it with all the time. Eventually, I'd like to have a quilt to hang on the wall for every holiday and season. One of those long term goals!
Ugly wall:

Ugly wall covered with heart quilt:

Ahh, much better!

Freaky binding:

I'd still like to make some of these, and I think a Valentine's tree with these made miniature and in red and pink fabric would be darling. Guess that will be next Superbowl Sunday's project!
Tomorrow we will be getting up early for our Traditional Valentine's Day Breakfast! Luckily for me it's on a weekend this year so I don't have to get up QUITE as early! I can hardly wait!

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rebecca said...

way cute! Love the tree & the quilt. The fabric is super cute!

ellen said...

I love the quilt!! And, the binding looks totally fine.

Lullaby Lane said...

I absolutely understand the frustration with technical quilting stuff. I'm a big winging-it kind of girl too. I love how all the fabrics came together. Super cute.

Nana said...

I want to have breakfast with you!

Kristin said...

What a great idea! I love the quilt!