Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's taken me a while to warm up to wrestling. when my oldest told us last year that was the sport he wanted to do I was like, huh?! He had never wrestled before and we really didn't know much about it. As a freshman last year he didn't get to wrestle much and lost the few chances he got. Despite this he stuck with it and went faithfully to every grueling, 3-hour after school practice all last winter. And did it while getting up at 5:30 every morning to attend early morning seminary, plus a full day of school! In his fitness assessment at the end of the year, his push ups and pullups score shot way up from the lowest to the highest on the chart. He got in great shape and got really strong. So anyway, fast forward to this year: he has stuck with it and started to win! He has really improved and even when he doesn't win a match, he has mostly lost by points rather than getting pinned which is much better. I'm really proud of him for his perserverence. Here he is at his tournament last Saturday. I've gotten more used to it, but it is still a little weird to me that I have a teenager who is in HS and almost 6 feet tall! He's a great kid.


love_suz said...

Thats is so awesome. Way to stick with it J! I would love to see some video if you take some. I really want Kyler to try wrestling!

Nana said...

Way to go JJ!!!

Nathan said...

How cool is that! excellent job Jackson. keep working hard and gettin' buff.