Thursday, January 01, 2009

Still on Leaves

There are lots of people who do stuff and blog about it. Apparently I am not capable of this. I can either do stuff, OR blog about it but not both at the same time! We have had a very busy couple of months, I went to Utah for almost three weeks in November, then came back to Christmastime. I think I've mentioned how I get around the holidays- project craziness! Definitely no time for blogging. So I guess I will catch up a little. Feel free to skip all the old news if you want to!
Even though it is now winter and we've had at least 2 feet of snow just in the last two weeks, I still like these fall leaves pictures of the little gal that never got posted!


Machelle said...

She is adorable!!! I read your posts backwards. I love the pink silk dress too. How cute.

Andrae said...

I am so sad that we missed y'all! I didn't know y'all were here. I am glad that y'all had so much fun. That quilt you made is just so beautiful! When I am not feeling so sick anymore (did you know I was pregnant? yeppers!) I want to go visit those stores. I love the pictures of your kids together, with all those boys surrounding that oh so adorable little girl of yours!!! She is just so dang cute!!!! I have loved looking at all those pictures of her, especially in that pink dress. You guys made cute kids!!!