Sunday, January 11, 2009

Size Matters

A funny story about ordering things online:
So, I wanted to find a Christmas village for decoration this year (my husband says this officially qualifies me as an old lady). I found some really cute Christmas houses at, and they were on a big sale, so I ordered the three that they had left in stock- a fancy house, a log cabin, and a pretty church. The pictures online looked small, you know, like a little miniature village. A week or so later, this HUGE box arrived from Wow, I thought, that's really overkill with the packing materials for my little mini village houses. So I opened it up and realized that they weren't little tiny houses, they were great big houses! Like around 14 inches high and that big around too. Yikes, they looked so small in the pictures on the internet! And when you look at something online and it's just that thing with nothing next to it, you can't tell what size it is so naturally I assumed they were tiny! I'm sure it said how tall they were on there, but even if I had looked, I can never imagine how big things are (I also bought a Ty dog online that I thought was a beanie baby, but actually was about 18 inches high. It looked just the same size as all the beanies on that page! I also bought a ginormous real Christmas tree) I would NEVER have imagined these gigantic (relatively speaking in terms of your standard mini Christmas village) mansions. A normal person might have been tipped off by the price, as in, they normally cost $30 each and were on sale for $10 each. In retrospect- yes, that would be a lot for a little tiny 3" high house, but what they heck do I know, I've never bought a mini Christmas village before! Anyway, my husband said I should send back the giant village but I really like it so I may just keep it for someday when I have a little more space in which to display it.
So, it was about a week before Christmas and I was back to square one as far as village decor. I stopped in at a Walgreens and lo and behold what do you think they had? A bunch of slightly cheapo made-in-China Christmas village houses. Bingo! And on sale for 50 cents no less- my exact budget! It even had a little tiny bookshop. So, I bought a bunch of little houses and people, plunked them down on some batting and was very happy with my Christmas Village. Here it is in all it's splendor!

(wow, that was kind of a long story)

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Holly said...

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