Saturday, January 31, 2009


Here is my quilt that I had done on a longarm machine. Finally! I was waiting to post until I got the binding done, but it's still not done so here it is anyway! I was also loving my Obama pic up there at the top of my blog!
I'm so happy with this quilt, I just love it! I could really get addicted to having things quilted on the longarm. Too bad it is kind of an expensive addiction!
I actually completed this quilt top almost two years ago. It was one of the first larger than wall hanging size quilts that I did. It's made from Moda brushed cotton plaids and the backing is flannel so it's really soft and cozy. I bought this fabric all together as a set; I probably wouldn't have chosen these colors on my own but I love them! Once again I'm so happy with the quilting done by my longarm gal. She does a great job at an extremely reasonable price- and fast too. She also went and got the backing fabric for me and supplied the batting which was so helpful. I highly recommend her if you want a quilt done and you are in/going to Utah. Or even if you need to ship it to her. The prices are really worth it compared to what you would pay in my area.
My friend Carrie brought this quilt with her to Utah in her suitcase, and it was quilted while she was there for Christmas, then she brought it home in her suitcase for me too, saving me lots of money in shipping! So nice! In this last picture you can see the detail of the meandering loop she did for the quilting. I've been using it a lot (it's been really cold here!) even without the binding.
And that reminds me, my first monthly Christmas project of 2009 is supposed to be done today. Better get sewing!


Natalie said...

I love this quilt. I love all the colors and the way the quilting was done. It looks so good.

nana said...

I second that Nat. It is so pretty. I love it. Good job. Don't you love what longarm quilting does for the finished project. Love it!

rolana said...

I love it! Wow, I just love this quilt!! You are great at your color choices.