Sunday, January 04, 2009

Black Apple Cloth Dolls

I love these dolls, they are so cute and also easy and fast to make. I made a few for Christmas gifts this year, I think I've done 5 of them so far. You can find the free pattern for them on the Martha Stewart website or on the Inside a Black Apple blog. The creator of the pattern always paints the face on, but I like the embroidered face better.


Jenny said...

SO cute! I love the dolls, and your quilt is fabulous, too. I saw your gift to Ellen on her blog, and snuck over here to peek. Nice!

scrapsidaisy said...

I'm so glad to see all of these posts! These dolls are so cute. I'm so tempted to try one. Cagney would love it. I'm a beginner though, are they pretty easy?

Sweeney Household said...

You are AMAZING --- I followed your link from Ellen's blog to discover the gift-giver. These are adorable! WELL DONE. And, I scrolled through so many cute photos of your family. I love having #3 son in my primary class. :)

Jenny said...

Hi again, I tried to email a reply to your comment, but don't know if you have a gmail account or not... so here it is again:
It's nice to meet you, as well! Would your friends in Gardner/Princeton be the A____s, by chance? We are in Lunenburg, but are in the Gardner ward. I love J___. She cuts my hair. I know they used to live in Arlington, which is why she has a connection to ep. I met ep through the S____s, who also live in Lunenburg--M______ is the mom of J____ C__... did you know her, too? Lunenburg was hit pretty hard by the ice storm--most residents were without power for about 12 days. We were lucky, and were among the first group to get power back, after just four days. What a thing! I'll look forward to meeting you in person some day!
Thanks for the nice reply on my blog. Your little dolls are getting quite a lot of publicity on ep's blog!

LL said...

Excuse me....we are in the Oxford ward...same stake as Jenny, different ward. COME TO OUR WARD! I'm here to recruit you! :)
Where is the husband working? We live near the Northboro ward boundaries! Oxford ward it FUN, lots of blog members and good people :)
oh by the way, my name is Laura and I want to be your Oxford ward friend...join our family :)
K thanks

Smilin' sunshine said...

Ok, just checking blogs and one leads to another and I realize we know a lot of the same people and that you are wanting to move in the spring/summer. Then I read that my good friend is doing recruiting and I figure I will join in!!

I, too, live in the Oxford Ward and it is great!!

GO WEST Young Man!! It's great!

We live further south than my friend above, but are within minutes to 146. Great area, try it, you might like it!!

Corinne said...

love the blog. Your arts and crafts projects are amazing. Thanks for the christmas card and letter. It is so fun to hear how you are doing. Next time I am down that direction we need to get togeather.

Corinne said...

P.S. if the rumor that you are thinking of moving is true HELLO!! You are moving to Gardner to be my neighbor. Sorry Oxford I met her first! I'll call you so we can have you over for dinner:)