Saturday, October 11, 2008

Presto, Pesto!

This summer I grew basil out on my porch in pots. It grew really well out there even though it's kind of shady. When there was enough I made pesto to freeze. Most recipes use pine nuts but I used walnuts because I am all about using what you already have! I also added parsley that I grew to it. Making basil is so quick and easy, I toasted the walnuts a little, then threw it all in the cuisinart with a bunch of garlic, and then added oil until it got smooth. I buy olive oil in the big bottle at Costco since I use it so much. It also has parmesan cheese in it. I made a cold pasta salad a while ago with the pesto, and penne pasta with mozzarella and grape tomatoes and it was really good. It's great on warm pasta too. I took these pictures a couple of months ago, so they're not exactly timely. Someday I'll learn to keep up with my blogging so that my posts actually match the season!

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