Monday, October 06, 2008

Nana Quilt

Nana came to visit from Arizona last week and look what she brought- a new quilt! I love this quilt- it is so bright and cheery. The little miss loves it too, I was trying to snuggle under it on the couch the other day and she said No! and pulled it off of me. Apparently she is quite posessive of her quilt! It is made from this line of fabric for babies that is supposed to be stimulating to a their little brains with all of the bright colors and black and white patterns. I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but she machine quilted it which turned out really well. Very impressive!
Nana and I had lots of fun discovering a couple of new quilt shops here in MA last week, and I'm sure there will be more to come. I bought a charm pack of this new Moda fabric called Dandelion Girl- so cute! I also bought a jelly roll and a pattern book for making quilts with them, very exciting. We are kind of dangerous for eachother- I got her hooked on quilting (she was already a great seamstress), and whenever I am with her I buy tons of fabric at all the cute shops we visit on both sides of the country. There is nothing like gorgeous fall weather like we're having now, and fabric shopping to get me inspired to start quilting!


Natalie said...

That is very true, the same thing happens to me and I don't even quilt, I just really like the fabric. We will have to go to a few when I get there.

Holly said...

Cute Cute projects I wish I was still out there and you could show me all your new finds. Your little girl is so dang cute! I love the dresses! Fantastic job! I also love the new blog posts, I have been looking you up diligently waiting for this day!

Janalee said...

Those dresses are adorable and the kids are cute too!! We are coming to visit too but don't worry, we may not a have a new quilt...can we still come back to visit Boston!?