Saturday, October 11, 2008

Garden Stuff

Our garden was a weird combination of very successful and not successful. We had tons of tomatoes but they took forever to ripen, like until September. The squash plants grew huge and had flowers all over them but not much actual squash, only two zucchini. I thought they were supposed to grow like weeds! The pumpkin vines are taking over and squeezing the life out of all the surrounding foliage, and also have tons of flowers but they only have two little pumpkins on them the size of grapes! We are stumped. I think part of the problem is not enough sun- our garden was basically planted in a little clearing of the forest that is our backyard. I know the slugs killed some of the squash and there was this weird mildew on a bunch of the leaves. The cucumbers did really well, we had cucumbers coming out our ears! Oh, and I can't forget our two strawberries! There were more earlier in the summer but I think birds ate them. Anyway, it was a learning experience and hopefully we can try again somewhere that actually gets more than a couple of hours a day of sunlight and get a little more. Since tomatoes are the most expensive produce I guess I'll be happy that they did well. Considering what they cost in the grocery store we definitely broke even at least!

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Allison and Nathan said...

Let's see - this year we had tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash in abundance. We were giving so much of it away! We've already picked four pumpkins and there are about five more on the vine trying to turn orange, but it's starting to get cold. I'm going to miss the tomatoes - it's really hard buying a tomato at the store when you've been so spoiled all summer!