Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quilt Top

Now that the baby can play and entertain herself somewhat, and is taking longer naps, I decided it was time to get some sewing done. Other than some Christmas projects I haven't really done any sewing or quilting in the last year. So in the last month I've really made up for that! So last month on the way home from our trip, I stopped in a cute little quilt shop in Lee, Ma and bought a magazine called Australian Country Threads. I loved the quilt on the cover, it was a stripey quilt done with reproduction fabrics and other scraps. I've been collecting 1930's reproduction fabric for a while without any big plans on what to do with it, so this seemed like the perfect project that would also be pretty fast and easy. It was fun to put together and only took me about a week or so. I used my 1930's fabric plus a bunch of other florals and polka dots for a little variety. There is even fabric from the bridesmaids dresses from my wedding, which I still love and would pick again! It is the large floral in the bottom picture on the left side.I stuck with shades of pink and peach, green, blue, purple and a little pinky red. Basically I guess I just left out yellows and really bright or dark colors. I have another quilt top that I finished over a year ago and I think I will send them both out to be quilted on a long arm machine. Some friends of mine have had good results sending quilts out to a lady in Iowa so I think I am going to try that out. It was fun to get back into the creative swing of things!

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