Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Gifts!

So I knew I wanted to make her some things for her birthday. It all started with this fabric that I bought about a year and a half ago when I was pregnant. I just fell in love with it, I love the shade of pink and the cherry print. I kept going back for more and I'm glad I did! I knew I wanted to make a dress for it some day if I could figure out how, and a quilt too. So, my awesome friend Ellen gave me sewing lessons and I actually sewed this dress! It's the first clothing item I've ever really sewed and used a pattern, so I'm very proud of it, esp since it has a zipper. My favorite part is the little pleats in the front. So anyway, I wanted to do a checkerboard quilt with these two prints, and then I saw one of these dolls that my friend Julie had done and I thought, wouldn't it be fun to make her a doll with a matching dress? Then I thought, wouldn't it also be fun to make a doll quilt that matched her quilt? This is how my project ideas snowball a little out of control sometimes! So anyway, that is what I did. I only got the quilt top for her quilt done so far, so I will get that quilted soon. I made it big enough so it will fit a twin sized bed for later.
The pattern for this doll can be found on the Martha Stewart website under Black Apple Doll, and you can watch video of them making it too. It was really easy and just took me a couple of hours to make. I embroidered the face rather than paint it as they did on the example. I made a Wee Wonderfuls doll last year and I thought this one was a lot easier to do. I'm really happy with how the doll quilt turned out. I really love miniature things. I'd like to do an even tinier quilt and frame it. I saw some like that in a quilt shop and they were amazing. Paper pieced I think.
I didn't use a pattern really for this, but it was fun to do because I used a traditional quilting technique that I haven't ever done before where you sew two squares together with two seams on either side of the middle, then cut down the middle so then you have two squares made up of two triangles. The squares were cut at 2&1/2 inches. It's nothing hard or complicated or anything, I just liked how it turned out, and this way of cutting made the squares really precise so the points matched up really well, unlike any other time I do patchwork and the points never match up for some reason!
So the only nice doll cradle I could find was really expensive, and everything else was ugly and plastic, so I looked on craigslist and found this little wooden cradle for $5! What a bargain! My husband did a great job repainting it so it looks brand new. I love the way the whole thing turned out. I'm so excited that she loves dolls! There is so much boy stuff around here it is a nice change. And don't worry, she plays with swords, lightsabers, and action figures too! She gets the best of both worlds. The funniest thing is that the minute she got her doll cradle, she climbed inside! It was quite hilarious! She got some other sweet little gifts from the nice friends who came like a couple of other adorable little dolls and stuffed animals and some really nice books and outfits, and a ballet dress that I can't wait to try on her. Fun Fun!


Andrae said...

The projects turned out beautiful. I am going to have reread how you made the doll quilt, I think I just might have to try that myself. And aren't little girls great!!!all the pink, the flowers...I love it all!!!

Kristin said...

Your doll and blanket turned out so cute! You have totally inspired me to try and get somethings done around here!

Becca said...

Precious! I'll have to do this for Christmas for my little girls.

Sweetpea said...

Okay, you win the crafty gold medal for our family. I love her homemade gifts, those will be so much fun for her and mean so much to her since her mama made them! I wish I had the patience for sewing, but I don't. So, I get to appreciate your talent.

Drewmeister said...

The doll is so cute and absolutely love the color combinations of the quilts and dress