Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Decor!

I had a fun time decorating for this party. I found these cardboard letters at Joann's in the dollar section. I couldn't find all of the letters to spell out Happy Birthday so my husband cut out the green letters from some scrapbooking paper to finish the garland. I love how this turned out! It is strung on purple rick rack that I also got in the dollar section of Joann's. There is a lot of junk in dollar sections but sometimes you can get some great stuff! There are kind of a lot of pictures of this flag garland, because I love it so much! I've been wanting to make one for a long time after seeing it done on various blogs and catalogs. So at around 11 pm the night before the party I decided I was going to make it. My husband was like, what are you doing NOW? He told me I should "let go" but I'm glad I didn't because this made things really festive and cute out on the deck, plus it's eco friendly and can be used over and over. It looks adorable in kid's rooms and I'm sure I will save it to use in her room eventually. I picked fabric that I already had- I have so much fabric I'm sure I could whip out a banner in any color scheme! So all I did was cut out the triangles with pinking shears and sew it onto pink bias tape. I've seen it done different ways, one fancy one I saw was two sided with interfacing inside and actually sewn around the edge of the flags, then cut with scalloped scissors. A friend who made one told me she just rotary cut the flags and ironed it on to hem tape, so there wasn't actually any sewing, so anyone could do this project.


Becca said...

So cute!!! Love the banner!

Sweetpea said...

What cute decor! You are crazy. I don't know how you even think to do these things, not to mention with 5 kids. Do you ever sleep? It's a miracle if I remember to buy paper plates for a party.

Kate said...

You are so Awesome! I love your ideas! You have been so busy! Thanks for catching us up!