Sunday, August 10, 2008

And She's Off!

These pictures were taken over a month ago when she was just beginning to walk well. Now she is practically running, not to mention climbing all over everything. She loves to walk and will go up to the door and say, "walk?" all the time. She is really hard to keep up with. She is also saying tons of words, and adding new ones all the time. She can say: mine, Mama and Dada, uh oh, flower, book, doll, night night, shhh, baby, blueberry, no! (one of her first and favorites), rock, ball, and she is learning everyone's names. I love this toddler stage of learning to talk, kids are at their very cutest at this age I think.


Andrae said...

She just makes the cutest faces!!!

Nana said...

I can't believe how she has grown! Can't wait t o see her and the rest of you!

nathan and allison said...

Walking!? Oh, we're missing everything!