Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our Champion!

My nine-year-old won third place in the Pinewood Derby today! He was so happy and proud. The Derby is kind of a big deal around here each year. This is our 8th straight year of Pinewood Derby participation. That's what we get for having 4 boys. I think by the time we are through we will have gone to 12 consecutive derbys! We (I use this term loosely) have made at least 10 cars so far because usually not only do we make one for the cubscout, we often make one for the younger brother.
Anyway, the boys worked really hard on the car (my husband being one of the boys). At least he didn't slice open his hand and have to go to the Emergency Room for stitches like he did last year! Congratulations buddy!

*photos courtesy of my talented friend Diana


Sweetpea said...

Way to go!

Stacy said...

Congrats!! I know how hard "the boys" worked on it!!