Sunday, January 27, 2008

Girly Christmas

I can't tell you how much fun I had buying GIRL things for Christmas, for the first time ever! Even though she was only four months old on Christmas I just had to buy her a doll of course! I have been drooling over these Hop Skip Jump dolls for almost two years and decided that a baby girl's first Christmas was the perfect excuse to get one. These dolls go on sale and you literally have to be waiting ready to click on the one you want the second it shows up on the screen, and she always sells out in minutes. I bought mine earlier in the fall, well before Christmas and was so excited about it! Never mind that it is more for me than her! I love the style of these dolls, they are made with such great quality hand craftsmanship. This one reminds me a lot of a book I had when I was little called "Elizabeth." It is the story of a little girl who gets a cloth doll for Christmas and is unhappy about it, and tosses it aside. The doll looks just like her, and I think from the story you can tell that her mother made it for her. She is jealous of her bratty cousin's doll who is mechanical and does all sorts of tricks like turning somersaults. After a while she gets her cloth doll out of the back of the closet and starts to play with her. "Elizabeth" the doll becomes her best friend and they go through all the seasons together, eating blackberries in summer and playing in the snow together in winter, and having lots of adventures. The cousin's doll breaks before too long. It is a sweet story with adorable illustrations. I loved it for many reasons when I was young; the pictures, the adorable story, the fact that her dog was a collie (I had a sheltie growing up), and the fact that there was a lot of pink in the book! A few years ago I decided to look it up and realized that it was out of print. I did find a copy and it was being sold for over $100! Not in very good condition either, and it is a tiny little mini-sized book. I'm glad I still have my copy even though the spine is gone and you can see the threads holding it together. I know I'll be reading it to my little girl and I hope she loves it as much as I did!

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