Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I made a few of these dishtowels for Christmas gifts. I really liked this project because it was quick and easy and I think they are really cute. They are a nice way to use some novelty kind of fabrics that you love but don't know how else to use necessarily. You can get at least two towels out of one fat quarter of the print fabric, or maybe three depending on how long the print part of the towel is.
I'm not sure if I remember all the details of how to make them, but basically they are made from muslin and some of your favorite cotton print, and a little trim. Muslin is really cheap so it is a nice thrifty project. I measured a dishtowel I already had to get the length and width but you could really do that however you want. I measured out the muslin, minus the amount of the print I wanted to use at the bottom for the front piece, and then the cotton and used the rotary cutter to cut all the pieces, and even them all out to make them straight. Don't forget to allow for the seam allowances. I was going to do just one layer but then realized that the seam would show in the back, so I decided to make them two layers. So, the layer on the back I just cut to fit the size that the front layer turned out to be, and it is solid muslin. Anyway, after I sewed the bottom print fabric on, then I sewed the trim onto the seam where the two pieces meet. Then I put the two pieces right sides together and sewed all the way around leaving a small hole. Then I trimmed the fabric esp in the corners and turned it right side out. Then I poked the corners to make them sharp, and then ironed it. Then I sewed through the trim, and then all the way around with a zig zag to close the opening. Then just iron it all down and fold to look like a dishtowel. I hope those instructions make sense, you can probably figure it out just by looking at the pictures anyway. I love the ones with the rick rack and I really liked the way the red zig zag looked against the white cloth. These were fun and quick to make, my favorite kind of project, and you could make a whole bunch to liven up your kitchen with whatever fabrics you like!


Cami said...

What a good idea! I marvel at all of your projects; they always turn out so beautifully. Nice job.

Lullaby Lane said...

They really are super cute. Thanks for the instructions. Do you need to prewash everything?

ellen said...

I love my dishtowel! Where did you find the cool vintage kitchen fabric???