Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Advent at Mimmu's House

During the month of December our family celebrates Advent on the four Sundays before Christmas. Each week has a theme, like the first one is Prophecy, then Angel, Shepherd, and Nativity. We read the scriptures that go with the theme of that week, sing carols and light one candle each week. When all four candles are lit, you know Christmas is almost here! It is a great tradition and I love that it focuses on the spiritual side of the season.
You can make your advent celebration as simple or fancy as you like. We have a group of about 5 or 6 families that we have celebrated with the last few years so we take turns on Sundays after church going to each other's house and having a little dinner and of course, a treat! Mimmu is our Finnish friend who lives in a beautiful old home in Harvard, Ma which is like a storybook New England village with town square, white steeples and all. Advent at she and her husband Jim's home is always special. Their home is always decorated with all of Mimmu's beautiful Finnish things and glowing with candlelight. She is a spectacular cook, creating things like this cake on a regular basis! In fact, she made a wedding cake for me and I think it was one of the best cakes I've ever tasted. Anyway, at Mimmu's we dress in our red "Tantu" hats and do special songs and games that she grew up with like the Tip Top song where you dance around like a little sneaky gnome, and my kids' other favorite-
"We are our Mother's little piglets- you are, and so am I!"
Mimmu lights real candles on her tree as a special treat during advent, and she and Jim sing beautiful duets for us. The beautiful music, candles and Christmas excitement makes advent at Mimmu's feel magical! This year was especially meaningful to us since Mimmu and Jim are moving back to Finland this month. She came to the states over 30 years ago and has made a big impact on a lot of people here. We have spent many advents as well as Easters and other events with this family. They will be greatly missed, but we are happy for them since all but one of their children has made their way to Finland. So, here are some pictures that hopefully capture some of the joyful spirit of these last moments in such a special place filled with warmth, love and memories.


Kristin said...

Thanks for an update! I just love looking at pictures of your beautiful family!

Rebecca said...

I can attest to Mimmu's baking talent. She baked many delicious cakes for RS parties.
I love how Mimmu steered clear of commercialized decorations at Christmas. She preached the simplicity and humbleness of Jesus' birth. Her straw ornaments are so beautiful. And I noticed the branch made into a candle Mimmu. I love it and will try to remember that during Christmases to come. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I remember that cake from your wedding recertion, not only was it good it was pretty! I know all of you are going to miss Mimmu.


Anonymous said...

oops! correction Reception!


Sweetpea said...

It makes me cry to think of Mimmu and Jim being gone. My little guy loves the Tantu song and has been running around the house singing "teep-top". He looks rough in all those pics with his black eye and messy face! Can you send me some of those pics from Mimmu's and ones of us at Christmas?