Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My fifteen year old was SO not happy to pose for this Halloween pic with younger siblings! I'm glad I got it though!

Our little cottontail bunny:

Our trunk:

Our redneck pumpkin-head scarecrow (or should I say orange neck!)

Do you like my literary mice?

Mom and Dad's trunk:

Friends Trunk or Treating:

The boys are very into their weapons!

More friends:

Last night was Trunk or Treat Halloween party at the church. It was tons of fun! About an hour before we had to leave my son was like, how are we going to decorate our trunk? Oops, in all the costume planning, candy buying and cupcake making I forgot all about decorations. We threw together some stuff and I think it turned out pretty cute! Have a fun Halloween Night!

Picking Out Pumpkins

Finished product:

She kisses everything- even the toilet seat!

The Creepy Guy Strikes Again!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brown-Eyed Girl

I am so in love with this sweet little brown polka dot dress, especially when a sweet little brown-eyed girl is wearing it. She IS sweet and loves to give kisses and hugs BUT- don't let her looks fool you! Like all toddlers she is also full of mischief! Her favorite things to do are: play in the toilet, remove the cover on the remote and suck on the batteries, then lose them, mess up my computer settings, play with the dials on the stove, and climb on everything in sight! The other day she climbed up on the kitchen table, got the salt shaker and shook a big pile of salt out onto the table, then licked up globs of salt until she threw up.
Who does that!?!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


See what I mean? I'm not bragging or anything, it would have been hard not to get pretty photos of this place. The pictures practically took themselves, we just stood there and pressed the buttons (photo credits to my husband also for some of these). It's kind of a lot of of the same thing, but it just looked so cool from so many different angles, and in the different light as the sun was setting, we couldn't stop shooting!
The world is an amazing place, isn't it?

Henniker, New Hampshire

Last Friday we had a great day trip to New Hampshire. This day was all about quilt shops and covered bridges. We went to a couple of quilt shops in Concord- Peggy Anne's and The Golden Gese (yes this is the right spelling, it is named after the owner!), and then on to Henniker to visit Quilted Threads, a really fun quilt shop. Along the way we saw three or four covered bridges including one in Henniker that was really beautiful. It was right on a river that happened to be as still as glass when we were there close to sunset resulting in these incredible reflections of the trees and bridges in the river, and some of the coolest pictures we've ever taken. I've just never seen anything like it before and I just couldn't get over how gorgeous it was. In fact I'm going to do a whole separate post because there are just so many great shots! It is still so amazing to me that we can drive for one hour and be surrounded by such breathtaking scenery. In fact, you don't even have to drive that far! There's some pretty amazing scenery right in our own backyard too. And by the way- what up with the "No Bridge Jumping" sign? Like anyone would actually do that?!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Camden, ME

We spent Columbus Day in Camden, ME and had a great day. Some highlights included: the view from Mt. Battie, hot fried scallops, a big wedge of blueberry pie at Rockport Diner, a couple of cool quilt shops, seeing a pumpkin decorating contest all down the main street of one town, white steeples, sailboats in the cove, and the overall quaintness of the entire area and peak fall color. As you can see we were also extremely enamored of the "belted Galloway" cows that we went to see! There are about a million more pictures of these cows, including one picture of a cow pooping. I can't describe the my son's thrill at having captured that on film! We had a really fun day of souvenir shopping, feeding the ducks and birds, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. I highly recommend the area to anyone thinking about staying in Maine. In fact, so far I haven't been anywhere in Maine that I didn't love!