Saturday, November 17, 2007

What a Week

My baby is growing up way too fast, she just cut a tooth and she is only just over 3 months old! Plus she is the size of a six month old. I wish she would slow down a little. Next thing I know she's going to start talking to me! Her little personality is starting to shine and she is so happy most of the time. But don't let these adorable smiley pictures fool you! The exception to this is when she is both teething and has a horrible cough and cold at the same time. The teething made for some tough days this past week. And the fact that two kids came down with stomach flu. Ugh. Let me tell you how I spent our Veteran's day off last Mon- holding fussy, teething baby, cleaning throwup from the kitchen floor, and carrying a loads and loads of laundry up two flights of stairs (in the few minutes that I actually put the baby down). We all sat in the living room and watched the "Little People Big World" (our family's favorite show) marathon on TBS the ENTIRE afternoon. Approximately 6 straight hours of little people, and still not tired of it. Gotta love that show!
Anyway, later in the week my older son who is my big helper got the stomach bug too. At least it wasn't a holiday- the usual time people in my family start upchucking! Since the baby is so young, she doesn't really have a great grasp and can't really chew teething toys so you have to hold them for her or rub her gums. One late night when I was desperate I let her bite on my chin, and the next day it was actually sore and bruised! I have to admit that I did resort to tylenol a couple of times. Speaking of sore and bruised, my sister and I went to get flu shots on Tuesday at the senior center. Then we sat in the bathroom of the senior center and nursed babies, it was somewhat comical!
I barely felt the shot but I was surprised at how sore my arm was for a couple of days afterwards. I can't complain though since last Friday I took my four year old for a checkup where he got four shots. He was really brave, and then after we came home he fell asleep and woke up in terrible pain and couldn't even move his arms. I had to run to the store for Tylenol since of course I had baby Tylenol, older kid Tylenol but no little kid Tylenol! This was the same day that earlier I had taken he and the baby into the library without stroller or diaper bag, just a diaper in my pocket. First, I couldn't figure out how to go to the bathroom myself so I had to lay the baby on the floor while I went as fast as lightening! (I know- gross!) Then when I proceeded to change her on the tiny little counter they had in there, she peed all over her clothes. Since I hadn't brought in my diaper bag since it was too heavy to carry without the stroller, I had no other clothes to put on her. So, I had to take her out to the car with just her coat and diaper on to get some clothes for her. I'm sure people thought I was some kind of insaniac mom.
I did manage to read at least the first section of my book club book- Mayflower- and attend the book club meeting Thursday night. We had a mini Thanksgiving dinner and it was a really good meeting and discussion.
As a result of all of this my house is a complete disaster. I am not one of those people who says my house is messy when there is one sock on the floor and a fork in the sink. No, it is scary bad. There is both clean and dirty laundry laying all over the living room, wrappers, shoes, the floor is in desperate need of mopping and vaccuming. The bathroom smells and is covered with wet, poopy baby laundry, and my room looks like a clothing bomb went off. There are spider webs and piles of paper everywhere, and I can't find anything I need. Really, I'm not exaggerating. I now declare today cleaning day!
Well, I think I've rambled on enough. Just wanted to let you all know that despite the fact that I mostly post really pretty idyllic pictures of beautiful sights, and cute kids all dressed up in adorable matching outfits and bows in the baby's hair, enjoying holiday crafts, that is only one side of my life!
The other reality is the disaster zone house, daily baby poop explosions, late night teething episodes, vaccinations, puking kids, and dirty laundry that doesn't ever manage to all get folded and put away.
The other irony is that I went to a parenting class Wed. morning about organizing your home, taught by one of those uber-organized cleaning guru moms. It was so far out of my league that I might as well not even be playing.
Now where did I put that mop?


Rebecca said...

I know the tornado all to well. We've got DD munchin bribery going on this a.m. Your baby is SO darling. Teething is no fun, but oh my, what a smile. She fits right in with the sweet dispositions in your family. I hope you have a GREAT day!

Nana said...

I guess that explains why you didn't call me back yesterday. Or maybe Jack forgot to tell you. Sounds like a life I left behind--and you will too --all too soon. Rest assurd they all grow up and you will wish you could do it over again, well at least some of it!
A tooth!!

Lullaby Lane said...

I love hearing behind-the-scene stories of dirty houses and sick kids. It makes me feel much better about mine own messes. I am in love with her dress!

Randy & Melanie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't get the laundry done, the house cleaned, the dishes done, etc. Hopefully your kids will stay healthy long enough to get on top of everything.

Sweetpea said...

Ha! This sounds all too familiar. And it bugs me when people are like, oh no, my house is messy because there are three toys on the floor! My house is basically messy, really messy, or a disaster. I think resorting to Tylenol is not a bad thing. I don't like giving my kids medicine a lot, except for when they have fevers or are teething. I switch Tylenol and Motrin, since Motrin lasts longer I use it at night. Anyhow, sorry you had a crazy sick kid week! AEB is totally adorable, I love her huge smiles. OKB is also teething, she has two now, and I think another two coming through. Lovely.

Sweetpea said...

P.S. I meant OBK. Can't believe I typo-ed my own kid's name!

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