Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Fun

We had a really fun Halloween this year. After getting our pumpkins from Wilson's farm on Tuesday afternoon and carving them that evening, we were all set for the big day. We spent Wed afternoon preparing our spooky feast. The two younger boys helped me make our "graveyard" cake and we had our now traditional Jacko'lantern-with-spaghetti-coming-out-of-it's-face and eyeball meatballs dinner. For the sake of realism, here is a picture of what my kitchen looked like after all of our preparation!
We told the boys it was a "use what you already have" Halloween this year and I think they were pretty creative coming up with costumes out of their drawers and toy boxes. As you can see the baby was just thrilled with her hot chili pepper costume and monster hat (not!). For some reason she absolutely hates things touching her head, so costumes aren't really her bag. She still looked cute though!
We went off trick or treating in our neighborhood and got lots of great treats including homemade popcorn balls made by Grammie for those few elite trick or treaters. Then we were off to the church for trunk or treating fun. What all of this amounted to is a gigantic bag of candy for each kid which of course they were up at 7 AM the next morning having for breakfast. Someone in the school system got smart and made Nov 1st a teacher day and day off for all of the kids- what a great idea! I think it should be declared a national holiday.
After all of that plus a quick stop to my sister's to see the new baby, we stopped at the video store to get a spooky family movie. We watched "The Witches" which is a great not-so scary movie to watch with the kids if you're looking for something in that genre.
Hope you all had a fun Halloween too! The really scary thing for me is that on Halloween afternoon when we ran to Walgreen's to get a couple of last minute things there was already a whole aisle of Christmas stuff out- Yikes!


itybtyfrog said...

Cute costumes!!! I love the three eyed hat! Very cute for a baby.

Jennifer said...

Very creative!

It was fun hanging out last night. I actually finished my quilt!

Rebecca said...

Love the pics! Your baby looks darling.

Anonymous said...

I love the costume. she looks like Santas Elf with that hat from Christmas Story in the first picture.