Monday, November 19, 2007

Dunkin' What?

You won't believe it, but we got more immunizations today. All four boys got flu shots, it was fun! Not really. To lessen the sting, we went to Dunkin' Donuts for a dozen. Here in Boston, there is a D.D. on every corner. Just our little town alone has four that I can think of. I'm not really sure why they call it Dunkin' Donuts
though, since we are the only people I ever see actually buying donuts. It's more like Dunkin' Coffee. I can't tell you how thrilled all the worn-out-at-the end-of-the-work-day crowd looked at 4:30 pm when me and my five kids waltzed in to buy our treats. It takes us a lot longer to choose a dozen donuts than it does to order a latte. Hurrying for us is what slow is to most people, esp. grumpy, coffee deprived people waiting in line for their cup behind a woman with five kids picking individual donut flavors. It is rare that I actually go out with all five of my kids by myself, but let me tell you, when I do it's quite a spectacle! Circus sideshow spectacle that is! Especially around here where pretty much anyone with kids has two-max. Right now D.D. has a seasonal gingerbread donut that I thought we should try, but actually didn't love. This is opposed to the seasonal pumpkin spice donut, which we do love, and highly recommend.
Thus ends my free advertising for Dunkin' Donuts post.

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Sweetpea said...

You know, it really annoys me when people are all crusty about me having my kids out in public. I have every right to be there, and so do they. And yes, its a circus when I have both my kids with me, even though I don't have five kids! But, I wish people could just be nice and helpful, instead of annoyed. Don't they remember when they had little kids? Or do they remember that they were once a little kid, too? Okay, off my soapbox.