Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quilt for My Baby

My good friend's mom, who was also my Young Women's president and has known me my whole life basically, made this quilt for my little girl. I think it is gorgeous and absolutely love it! I love the fabric and colors and I really like the traditional style pattern. I'm even more amazed by her quilts now that I quilt myself because I know how hard it is to be that precise. I can't figure out how she gets her points to line up so well. Anyway, this came in the mail about a month ago and was a total surprise, I didn't realize she was making a quilt for me. I feel really lucky to have something so beautiful and meaningful for the baby. I'll probably hang it on the wall because it is just too pretty to leave laying around. I have lots of plans for quilts I want to do and tons of fabric and patterns, just not much free hands time at the moment! That's ok though, the little baby stage goes by so fast I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it!

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Sweetpea said...

I love the quilt, she knows you so well, it is perfect for you and your baby! She is a master, the one she made for our wedding is totally gorgeous. And I am impressed with anyone for quilting, because I can't do it AT ALL!