Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Leaf Peeping in New Hampshire


Last week, my friend who just moved here from CA thought she had heard wrong when the guy on the news said "leaf peeping." She was surprised and amused to find out that she did hear right and it is indeed "peeping" not "peeking!" We saw some great leaves to peep at yesterday.
My in-laws are here visiting this week so we headed up to New Hampshire for a little day trip. We went to Keepsake Quilting, a great quilting store up in the Innerlakes area near Lake Winnepesaukee. The store was huge, I didn't even go in one whole side of it, and the area was beautiful. Despite my already large library of quilting patterns and books, I managed to find a couple more good ones to add to the collection.
We stopped for lunch at Hart's Turkey Farm and had a mini Thanksgiving dinner that was great, especially the butternut squash. Then we headed up into the White Mountains to cruise the Kankamanga scenic byway. It was gorgeous with colored leaves aplenty, quaint towns, purple mountain's magesty, covered bridges and beautiful rocky streams. My four year old had great fun skipping rocks with his Papa and the baby was amazingly well behaved considering that we were gone 11 hours, a lot of which was spent in the car. To end the day, we came home and celebrated Nana's birthday with cake and ice cream. All in all, another great day here in New England!


Sweetpea said...

I love leaf-peeping! It's not quite the same here, nothing like New England. Although I had some spiced cider today, that makes me think of fall.

ellen said...

Your pictures are great!!