Sunday, October 07, 2007

Baby Blessing



Last Sunday we blessed our baby girl at church. It was a really special day with lots of family there including my in-laws from Arizona. She wore my mother's blessing gown and as my four year old put it, she looked like a little angel. A little vintage angel really. The blessing was beautiful and my husband didn't do anything crazy like change her name at the last minute which he always threatens to do! I made her a little white eyelet blanket with little flowery lace hand stitched to the edge (which I finished at 8 AM that morning), so she'd have something of her own to keep from the day. I think I will embroider her name and the date on it, and if I get really industrious I may even make a wedding hanky out of the leftover fabric and lace. I made these cupcakes for our little gathering afterwards, and my Dad made homemade raspberry ice cream which was to die for! We also had three different salads and my husband made homemade rolls which everyone raved about. The theme, of course, was PINK! I decorated with pink and white flowers and candy, and framed pictures of our little star. She was well behaved the whole day, smiley and cute at church and slept through most of her party so I could go about serving everything. It is so hard for me to narrow down pictures when there are so many darling ones to choose from, so here are a whole bunch of pictures for you to look at!
It was a day I'll always remember as a fulfillment of lots of wishes and dreams finally come true.


Sweetpea said...

She looks like an adorable little pioneer baby! She's so chubby and cute! Her smile is adorable. And I love the male-pattern baldness. I wish I could have been there. I better send off those clothes before she outgrows this size!

Beantown Menzie said...

Ellen just clued me into your photo blog. What sweet baby blessing pictures! She looks like she fits right into your family. PS. I'd love the recipe for raspberry ice cream!

Kristin said...

Just beautiful!