Thursday, August 02, 2007

Still No Baby

I've never been desperate enough to resort to castor oil, but I'm thinking about it! So far this baby is estimated to be about 91/2 lb, give or take, and my son is leaving on his big trip in six days, two big reasons for this baby to get here asap!
My body keeps tricking me into thinking I'm going into labor, so I pack everything, clean the whole house, stay up late, then I get tired and go to bed and it all stops. I wake up in the morning thinking, I can't believe we didn't have to go to the hospital last night! I know I won't be pregnant forever, but it's starting to feel like it!


Sweetpea said...

You will not be pregnant forever, even though it feels like it! Hang in there, your body will do it's thing, just let it go. And if you really want the castor oil shake recipe, let me know.

itybtyfrog said...

I have heard horribly embarrasing stories of mom's that used castor oil. It might be worth the wait! I feel your pain...I am a completely full term mommy. I am all ready to have this one, but still have 11 weeks. Good luck...I will send contracting thoughts your way...but not painful ones.

wendster said...

I feel for you. Quit worrying about the "when" and get a pile of sleep ... remember nursing all night? You'll be glad you got some sleep before the baby got there. Good luck! I wish you a short and painless labor! And try waldorf salad. Moms in Calif. swear by it. Within 24 hours of eating it they hatch. Haven't tried it with any of my four.