Monday, August 27, 2007

Three Busy Weeks

First bath, first doctor appointment (she already weighs over 10 lb!), first day at church, Daddy's birthday, lots of attention from four adoring brothers, and finally, lots of sleep (for her that is, not us!). Actually, I can't complain, she is a sweet and very good natured baby who doesn't really cry that much. We are enjoying her immensely!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Baby sister has finally arrived- all 9 lb. 12 oz. of her!! She is beautiful and completely perfect, and as you can see we are all totally enthralled with her!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Still No Baby

I've never been desperate enough to resort to castor oil, but I'm thinking about it! So far this baby is estimated to be about 91/2 lb, give or take, and my son is leaving on his big trip in six days, two big reasons for this baby to get here asap!
My body keeps tricking me into thinking I'm going into labor, so I pack everything, clean the whole house, stay up late, then I get tired and go to bed and it all stops. I wake up in the morning thinking, I can't believe we didn't have to go to the hospital last night! I know I won't be pregnant forever, but it's starting to feel like it!

Four Years Old!

Happy Birthday to you!

For Posterity (and another Webkinz)

The other day my sister and I realized that we didn't have any pregnant sisters pictures of ourselves, and since she was going to be going out of town we'd better take one since I'd probably have the baby before she got back (now I'm starting to wonder about that likelihood!). So anyway, she came over so we could record our bellies for posterity, since it's unlikely that we'll ever be pregnant at the same time again. She also brought my little guy an early bday present- his very own Webkinz. As you can see he was quite excited about it!

Swim Lessons

This kid is a regular fish!

Picture Wall

Here is my new shelf and picture wall. You can't see it too well, it's kind of hard to take pictures of other pictures in glass frames, but you can get the idea. These are all pictures I've taken mostly in the last year, most of them have been on here before. They are mainly pictures of our trips to the Cape and to Philadelphia. This one of the boat though, my Dad took and it is a favorite of mine. We've done a lot of picture hanging in the last week or so. My friend told me about these Command picture hanging strips and they are the greatest, I highly recommend them. When you use them you don't put any holes in the wall which is nice, and they don't leave marks on the wall when you take them off. They can hold pretty heavy things too, I hung a mirror with them too.

Quilt Blocks

To pass the time, I've been working on my latest quilting project. This pattern is called Rowhouses. It's going to be a wallhanging to go on my living room wall. I really didn't think I'd still be working on it, but who knows, now it may even get finished before the baby! It will have black sashing and border, and I think I will just stitch in the seams. One thing I like about this project so far is that it is much less matchy than my projects usually are. I usually wouldn't put so many different non-matching colors together but I like the way it looks, really scrappy. Well, we'll see how far I get on it and I'll post a finished picture when it's done.