Saturday, July 14, 2007

What a Doll

I got together with my friend and sewing buddy Kristin this week to make some Wee Wonderfuls patterns by Hillary Lang that I've been wanting to try for a while. This is the "Olive" pattern from the make-a-long story series. You can download the pattern from the Wee Wonderfuls website. She was a little tricky but fun to do and I think she turned out so darling! Here she is posing on my vintage 1970's Holly Hobbie high chair that I had when I was little. I wish we still had the matching doll crib but I think it broke. It was cool because the sides actually came up and down just like a real crib.
I think I was over at Kristin's for about 6 hours, about twice as long as I was thinking it would take. Then I came home and spent another few hours finishing up the details like the face, bow, collar and stuffing. The tricky parts were the arms and getting the legs on the bottom, since you made and stuffed the limbs first and then had to fit them in the seams.
Her face and hair and hands and legs are wool felt and the rest is just regular cotton. I'm totally in love with her dress fabric and need to get some more of it before it's gone. I think it would make a cute baby or little girl dress too. We did another project a couple of days later that I will finish up and post a picture of soon. These are the kind of things you can get done when your kids are at camp all day for a week!

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Kristin said...

So cute! It was so much fun to get together :)