Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Stars and Stripes

Happy Independence Day! In a couple of hours we are headed off to friends' for a bbq and then down to the Cambridge side of the Charles River to watch the fireworks tonight. The bigger boys went out fishing in kayaks early this morning with Dad and Grandpa, and didn't have any luck with fish but dug up a whole bunch of clams. My oldest son earned $5 from Grandpa for eating a sea worm. Aren't boys fun?!!

I got a bee in my bonnet to make a 4th of July quilt about a week and a half ago, mainly because I don't have many patriotic decorations, and I love Americana style. I've been collecting this fabric for the last year at least, I always buy a little when I see cute new patriotic fabric, especially with star motifs. Most of this fabric is from Joann's. It's just simple 3" strips sewn together, the width is about 44" and it is probably 60-something" long. Not very big because who needs a big heavy quilt in July? Then I quilted it on either side of the seam so a little more of the contrasting thread would show on the front of the quilt, and it would have double stripes on the dark backing fabric. It's kind of my standard baby quilt style. I guess I should branch out and try some new and more complicated patterns, but this one is really easy and quick, and I thought it was kind of suggestive of a flag with the horizontal stripes.
I finished hand sewing the binding on last night, just in time for the fourth, but I'll probably leave it out all summer, and then maybe even in one of the boys' room to go with the big red, white and blue denim patchwork quilt I made for one of their beds last year.
I also made these pillows out of some of our former t-shirts from years past that weren't really being worn anymore, and they are nice and cozy and soft. I love to recycle things and thought this would be a good way reuse these t-shirts instead of just donating them- because really who actually wants someone else's old mangy t-shirt anyway? I also saw a really cute idea on someone's blog for little rag rugs crocheted out of old t-shirts that I'd like to try sometime. She was using them for bathmats which is a great idea. What I need to do is learn how to put in a zipper so I can just make a bunch of different covers for different seasons and not have to buy so many pillow forms which take up a lot of storage space when they aren't being used.
And finally, looking ahead to next year, I just couldn't resist this adorable dress that I found at the Carter's outlet the other day! At 70% off it was quite a bargain and I love the classic style. It will be fun when I can start posting pictures of baby clothes with an actual baby in them!

Hope you have a great day!

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Lullaby Lane said...

I love the pillows! What a great idea. Thank you so much for giving the details on how you made your quilt. I always wonder about things like measurements. Love the contrasting thread!