Monday, July 16, 2007

Big-Footed Bunny

Here is the other Wee Wonderfuls project, the big-footed bunny. I just love Hillary Lang's whimsical and fun style. You can check out her blog on typepad to see more of the cuteness. This bunny was a little easier and went together faster than the doll did, or maybe it was that we were more experienced after figuring out the doll. I didn't really plan to have her match the baby quilt, but I realized the green I picked was the same so I used a piece of fabric from the baby quilt for the bunny's dress. Here's the bunny hanging out in baby sister's bassinet anxiously waiting for her arrival- just like all the rest of us!
Oh, and here is a picture of the adorable quilt my friend Kristin made for the baby. I just love it!

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kate said...

you AMAZE me! Your projects are SO cute and fun! We wait with antisipation of the great event! Love you all