Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Awesome Art


My 8-year-old son is really into art, here are some of his great creations from school and his after school art class he took this spring. They studied famous artists and their styles and did projects based on what they learned. It was really cool to have him come home and tell about how they studied "Picasso and cubism" and see his version of each style. He really retained an amazing amount of knowledge about art and the artist's biographies. This is a kid who is constantly making stuff-raiding the recycle bin to make all kinds of creations with glue, tape, glitter, pipe cleaners, and whatever else he can find. He also likes to sew stuffed animals and things out of fabric and felt.
It's really fun to watch your kids grow up and see how unique their interests and talents are. Before I had kids I thought of the job of parent as more of a molding process, where you took a blank slate and kind of turned it into what you wanted it to be. In my vast experience these last 14 years (ha ha!) I've realized instead that they pretty much come as they are with personality and interests firmly intact from birth. You pretty much just watch them unfold and guide them along the way to become the best version of who they already are. That's not to say that parenting and love and all of that isn't important or influential, especially with behavior. However, in my opinion you're not really going to change the basic person much. You can read all the parenting and psychology books you want, but you're not really going to know how to parent your own child until you actually do it, and you definitely can't treat them all exactly the same.
To me, it is kind of the proof of the before-life. My kids had definitely been around for a long time before they came to me! I could tell that the minute they each looked up at me in the delivery room with those big, wise newborn eyes. Kind of like they were thinking, "So you're the one who got the job, too bad you don't know as much as I know right now!" Then I guess they forget a lot of what they come with. Too bad they can't talk right away, they'd have some pretty amazing things to tell us I'm sure. They do inherit certain things from us, but they are all so different from eachother (the first two of mine pretty much total opposites in personality), and some of our kids are really nothing like my husband and I that it's definitely not all just genetics. It will be fun to see what this new little one is like, it's sure to be a very different experience with a girl.
Well, there's my deep thought of the day. Just call me your friendly neighborhood Mom guru (not!).

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