Monday, June 11, 2007

A Funny Boy

I know I already put one of these carousel pictures up here but I love them both so there you go! He was cracking up everytime he would go around and see us again, and it's rare to get such a genuine smile for a picture.
So last week I dragged him to the fabric store- again! I try not to do it too much, but being the only kid stuck at home with me all day, he does get the brunt of the shopping trips. When I told him which store we were going he said, "No, not the fabric store!" Nevertheless he was being pretty good in the store and I really was trying to hurry but that is kind of a hard thing to to in a fabric store! (especially for me) So, he started to complain a little bit about how long it was taking and so I told him that I know and I'm sorry that I'm always so slow in the fabric store, but I'm trying to hurry up. So he says to me:

"You're kind of a hard Mom to take sometimes."

I could hear the lady in the next aisle over chuckling too.

So my sister Jane ( an alias for storytelling purposes) said I should tell this other story too- probably because she is the star! Another day last week he was upset with me for some reason and says, "You're not the greatest mom in the world anymore." So I said, "Oh really, who is?" He thought for a minute and then answered. "Jane." Well, at least I'm related to her! And FYI, a few days I was restored to greatest mom in the world status, although now we share title, which I'm totally fine with. So I was talking to my other sister (who hasn't had kids yet) and explaining how these are the kind of comments that would have actually hurt my feelings with my first or even second kid. If one of them had told me I wasn't the greatest mom in the world anymore, I definitely wouldn't have asked who else WAS the greatest with genuine interest, and I may have even cried! By #4 though, I've developed a pretty good understanding kid behavior, and now I honestly don't even feel bad when they say stuff like that. I mainly just find it amusing!
I guess that's a good thing since I'm told that at some point my daughter will hate me and think I'm a major loser. Hopefully I'm a seasoned enough mom to deal with that too!
Oh, and a couple more funny things- the other day he says to me, "If you break your arm you have to go to the doctor and get a cactus." He meant a CAST- ha ha.
He also talks to the baby and hugs and kisses her all the time too. He always asks me, what is the baby is thinking or saying right now. One day he asked that in the car and I said something like, "She says she can't wait to come out and meet her cool big brother." So he says, "I think she's saying wheeeeeeee! because she thinks riding in the car is fun!" Overall, he's pretty much a hilarious little sweetheart!

And by the way, my other pg sister is having a girl as well!! Three girl cousins born within about 5 months, what could be more exciting than that? So, this being her first, and she being at least 5 inches taller than me, her current problem is that she doesn't look pregnant enough. Oh, to have that problem! Yesterday I measured my waistline from back all the way around to bellybutton and it was- a lot!
Ok, I'll tell you- 44 inches!! I was genuinely shocked that it was that much. I kind of wish I was having twins, at least I'd have an excuse! I remember doing that same thing when I was expecting #1, and being amazed that I was a 38, the same waist size as my husband, who is over a foot taller than me. Well, his waist size has grown a few inches since then and mine is still bigger than his. And the sad fact is, I have another 8 weeks to go! (which everyone is shocked to hear) Sorry to go on and on about my big belly but it's feeling just a little out of control here lately.

So on Saturday, a couple of sweet friends from church gave me a baby shower which was so fun! I feel seriously spoiled now and received an enormous amount of adorable pink items. Between that and my flannel buying and sewing frenzy of the last couple of weeks, I feel all set for this baby to arrive. Linen-wise at least! Labor and delivery I never feel too excited about or ready for. If you want to know the truth, I dread it! Anyway, there was also so much really yummy food, including a to-die-for lemon tart topped with raspberries. I was told it had 16 egg yolks in it- no wonder it was so heavenly! And mint chocolate brownies and fruit kebabs. Yum! So I got home and realized that I hadn't brought my camera and had no pictures of the event which I'm really regretting. So, you'll just have to trust me that we all had a great time without photographic evidence! Well, I think I've gone on long enough. I'm planning on taking pictures of all of my baby sewing projects today so I can share those with you. I'm not sure why I feel the need to make a million blankets for a baby who is going to be born in August, but for some reason I do. It's a little silly especially considering that I already have a lot of baby blankets, but they are all blue or neutral and I've decided that if I'm only going to get one girl, I may as well live it up and enjoy it surrounded by pink flowers! TTFN.

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