Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blue and Yellow Quilt


I've had this quilt top sitting around since last year and decided I should finish it up. I feel the need to do a lot of projects lately because I know I won't be doing much for a while with a new baby around. I found the perfect shade of blue backing fabric that I really love, and even used 40% off coupons for both the fabric and batting. That makes a big difference when you're buying 7 yards of fabric! All of the solids and one of the print fabrics in it are cut from shirts, so it's a pretty thrifty project. I kind of think of it as my Gee's Bend-style quilt, not that it is that gorgeous or artistic, but because it uses recycled work shirts. Of course, mine are pinpoint cotton and oxford dress shirts as opposed to rough denim work shirts like the real Gee's Bend quilts, but it's sort of the same idea! I love the idea of reusing things in a new way and making something new from something old that is still useable. That's one thing I really love about quilting, and someday would like to make a true scrap quilt where I don't buy anything at all and just piece together all of my random scraps somehow.
Anyway, I sewed the patchwork top of this quilt when I was first learning and just wanted to practice sewing squares together, and getting my lines straight. I love these colors together, and I really like some of these fabrics, like the yellow with blue flowers. I didn't really plan to make it a certain size, I just kept cutting until I used up all the shirts, and then enough other prints to balance it all out. It turned out almost exactly twin-sized though. I really wanted to make and then keep a big quilt just for throwing over the back of the couch, since all of the projects I've made and kept so far have been either baby things or small wall hangings. I just finished hand sewing the binding today, although now I am so hot all the time, it will probably be a while until I actually use blankets much!

ps. I don't know what that weird computer gibberish above one of the photos is, it just keeps happening for some reason. I'm afraid to mess with it though because it erased pictures when I was trying to fix it before, so sorry about the untidy looking post. All this technical part of blogging is still a little beyond me and my archaic computing skills!


ellen said...

Another beautiful quilt!

Sweetpea said...

Love it! I really like the colors together, and way to be thrifty! Sometimes I think that after I have all my babies I should make a quilt of my favorite baby outfits, wouldn't that be cute? Too bad I'm not crafty!

#2 said...

Is that the same one on the rocking chair?