Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baby Shirts

My really cool and artistic friend made me these baby shirts and gave them to me at my shower. Unfortunately she just moved about a half an hour away, but at least not too far. One is done with a little piece of fabric that's ironed on with wonder under, and then stitched all around. The other one is paint that she made into a stencil using freezer paper somehow, and then ironed on to the shirt. I think they are both so pretty, I may have to try the fabric style myself. What a great way to use up a tiny scrap of a favorite fabric!
I like the idea of taking a plain baby shirt and personalizing it. For one of my kids, I used the cross stitch fabric that disintigrates in water and stitched tiny cross stitch designs on onesies. Those were really cute as well. I'll have to show a picture sometime, I think I still have one around somewhere in the huge pile of baby stuff waiting for this baby's arrival. I could even try to do a couple more, I have exactly 6 weeks left! (hopefully even a little less than that!)

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Sweetpea said...

So cute!