Sunday, May 13, 2007

Baby Blanket

My Dad sent me this springy picture of the new baby with the blanket I made for her so I thought I'd share it. I love this color purple, and the blanket looks even cuter covering up a pretty baby! I just love her hat, what a stylish girl. I'm almost done with a little quilt for my own baby, so stay tuned for that. If I can find enough energy to get the binding on that is. I'm getting pretty big and uncomfortable already. The last couple of weeks people have started asking if I'm due any minute. Then when I say no they ask if I'm having twins! I don't get mad about these questions though. It happens every time so I'm used to it! The sad fact of the matter is that although I appear to be due any minute, I actually have about 12 weeks left. Ugh. And my feet are already swelling. And I've already gained 25 lbs. And my back is really sore. Ok, I'll stop whining now!
My sweet bunch of boys made me a really fancy veggie omlette with hashbrowns and bacon for Mother's Day breakfast this morning. And they got me a really comfy new pillow. A very thoughtful and useful gift for a pregnant woman. The other night my husband went out and got me mocha chip ice cream, so I guess with all of their help I'll probably survive the next few months!