Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Patriot's Day!

One of my favorite things about living in the Boston area is being so close to so many historical places. Today we celebrate Patriot's Day, a holiday probably many on the other side of the country have never even heard of. It sure is a big deal here though! It commemorates the day that the Revolutionary war began. There are lots of parades, battle reenactments like the one on Lexington Green, where the first skirmish between the British and Minutemen took place, and of course the Boston Marathon. (You UT natives could compare it to Pioneer Day there) When I was little, I remember walking down the street to sit on the curb with our friends and neighbors and watch our little town parade go by. There were always Veterans, firetrucks, people wearing Colonial dress, Girl Scouts, High School groups, etc. It was very exciting! Last year our family actually got up at about 4:30 AM to go to the Lexington green for the reenactment, and to our town parade, and to watch the marathon. Some friends in our ward always have a breakfast, and our ward always goes to Kimball's ice cream stand for it's "opening day". Today plans are going to be a little different, since we are being hit by a nor'easter, which in this case is a big, very windy and rainy storm! It's kind of a bummer, although what could be more New England than a freak storm in the middle of April?! So in a way it's fitting, although I will really miss the parade especially. All of these pictures are from last year, as all Patriot's Day events are cancelled. Except for the Marathon of course, which has never been cancelled! It would take a major blizzard to cancel the Marathon I think. My favorite pictures I took last year was the running juggler and the running gorilla. I'll bet the gorilla won't be out there this year, his fur would get soaked! A friend in our ward is running today, in the Elite Women's group no less, and my parents have been hosting a runner and his dad who are here from UT to run. So, good luck to you all! Being the wimpy fairweather fan that I am, I will be staying inside to watch the race on TV, and finishing my baby quilt I've been working on. I think there is nothing more cozy and fun to me than staying in to sew on a rainy day. That is the kind of nerdy homebody I am! So, happy rainy Patriots Day to all and good luck to all of you crazy runners!

Marathon Juggler

A Gorilla (?) runs the Boston Marathon

town parade

Paul Revere (can you tell we were doing Flat Stanley last year?)

Reenactment on Lexington Green

This is how we feel today getting rained out!

British Soldiers

Minuetmen Soldiers

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