Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Baby Boy Quilt

I made this little quilt for my friend who's having a baby boy in a few weeks. This is her second son, so I'm sure she already has plenty of blue stuff, but every little one deserves their own personal blankie, right? That's my philosophy anyway. The top of this quilt is made from recycled men's shirts. I love the prints and colors of men's dress shirts, and I always prefer to make baby things that aren't too cutesy. It's filled with high loft batting and backed with navy flannel. It's tied with navy embroidery floss which I think I like better than yarn, at least for this "tailored" looking quilt. Her last one was in an awful hurry to get here, so let's hope for at least making it to the hospital in time for this one! Her year and a half old little guy is my son's favorite baby in the world, and I'm positive this one will be just as cute.


ellen said...

Love the quilt!!

Ragged Roses said...

Thanks for your lovely comments! I'm glad I found your blog too. The quilt looks gorgeous and the scones look yummy - must try them. I'll be back to visit again.
Kim x

itybtyfrog said...

Great quilt!!! It is perfect for handsome little boy.

Thanks for your comments and questions you left on my blog. I am a total blogging idiot, so I am not sure I will be any help to you. For adding links to your sidebar, go into your template and there is an area that says, google news, and edit me. You can put in any blog address in there that you want. I just carefully tried to copy the format of what was there. Other than that, I just experiment and hope for the best. Like when I changed my comments to say, "itybty comments" I just put "itybty" in front of everywhere in my template that said comments. I hope that helps somewhat. I really have no idea what I am doing.

Anonymous said...

Okay, great minds think alike! I just been looking at some old shirts of my husband's trying to figure out how I could put them into a quilt. And here it is! I'll help you make baby girl clothes if you'll help me make that quilt. Deal?!!