Thursday, February 08, 2007

Miss Potter and the Shrew is Back

So last night I went with my sister and my mom to see this movie about Beatrix Potter and I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved it, one of the best movies I've seen in a long time and I highly recommend it to you! Hers is such a sweet story, and it was so interesting learning more about her life and how her adorable little books came to be. Did you know that she is the best-selling children's author of all time? I didn't know that. I loved her personality and the fact that she was a strong woman with goals in a time where women weren't always encouraged to pursue their talents. The movie was shot in England and Scotland and the scenery is gorgeous. It is also a beautiful love story, which I wasn't really expecting.
I thought it was so well done overall, and I loved the fact that there was not one iota of bad language or instance of violence. What a relief to watch a movie and be able to enjoy it without cringing at those things! This is a movie you could take your kids or your Grandma to. Older little girls would like it especially I think.
One reason I think I loved it is because I have always loved little furry animals like bunnies, hedgehogs, squirrels, etc. Growing up I had a bunny, a gerbil, and lots of fish and occasionally tadpoles that turned to frogs. My son had an adorable little lop-eared brown bunny a few years ago named Speedy, who sadly passed away while we were at Disneyland two summers ago. But we sure had fun with him for a couple of years, letting him hop around in the grass while the kids played out in the back yard.
You may be surprised to learn of my love of rodents considering our recent experiences. And, you're not going to believe this but THERE IS ANOTHER SHREW in our house! After all the drama last week we thought we were finally done dealing with shrews because we hadn't seen/heard anything for two days. Until Monday when my little guy saw the second culprit go scurrying by. The whole week before, I had been assuring him that if he sat on the couch, the shrew couldn't reach him, etc. Then, Monday night I was laying on the couch and felt a little poke, poke, poke on the back of my sweater. I jumped up and pulled the cushion away and there was the little bugger, poking at me with his nose, as if I was the one in HIS way!! The audacity! So now we are back to shrew-catching square one, and this one doesn't seem to be coming out as much and may prove harder to catch. Too bad there is no Beatrix Potter story about a shrew- maybe we'll have to write our own! Hopefully there will be a happy ending of all shrews going back to the wild, never to be seen here again!

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itybtyfrog said...

Thanks for the movie review. I am always looking for a good movie...there are so few of them around these days. I hope you catch the little shrew!

Check out my blog today...I wrote a little thank you to you.