Friday, January 05, 2007

Birthday Bowls

I guess I'm on a bowl kick because I got all of these bowls for my birthday last month, and I love them all! When I was helping my newlywed sister-in-law unpack her really cute red, Mary Engelbriet inspired new kitchen, I noticed these bowls that she got as a gift and I loved them. They have matching cups and teaspoons that are kind of ridged and old-fashioned looking that I think are adorable. So, I told my Mom about the bowls (which are from Costco) and she got them for me which was a nice surprise. Thanks Mom!
The pink bowls are from Williams Sonoma, and I bid on ebay for them (a bad habit of mine). So, when they came just before my birthday, I handed them to my husband and said, "Here why don't you wrap these up for me?" See, that way I don't feel so guilty about buying myself random, non-essential (although cute) things! But really, knowing me, as maybe you do just a little by now, how could I possibly pass up pink mixing bowls?! My husband actually had his own fun birthday surprise planned for me. The evening before my b-day we went downtown to see Stomp! (a broadway type show- hard to explain but kind of dancing/rythm, drumming show) which was so fun! I've been wanting to see it for about 10 years, so it was a great surprise to get to finally go. He really does a great job with the birthday surprises for me. Last year we went overnight to NYC and saw The Lion King which was a great weekend! Someday I'll scan some of my old film pictures and show a bunch of my favorites on here.
So, just thought I'd share some favorite new acquisitions with you. After the quilting/crafting frenzy of this fall and holiday season I'm feeling a little crafted out. After I finished the denim quilt, I was making a list and realized that I made 8 quilts last year! Half of them were baby or smaller wall hanging quilts, but that still seemed like a lot to me. Of course, I have at least that many projects that I'm mulling over for this year, I just need to get back into the mood. I'm sure the bug will be back again soon though, and then I'll have some new projects to share! Hopefully it won't be too long...


ellen said...

LOVE the red bowls...of course!!

itybtyfrog said...

Very cute bowls!! I especially love the red ones.