Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We Love Boston Children's Hospital

We had a bit of a trauma this past weekend. We took one of our sons to the ER and discovered that he had appendicitis and needed surgery right away. We actually took him to Mt. Auburn hospital first where they treated him and then told us that they didn't really have facilities to treat children, so he would need to be moved. So we got to take our first ambulance ride to transport our son to Children's Hospital downtown. It was a long couple of days, a night spent in the ER, then waiting during surgery very early Sunday morning, then on the floor all day Sunday and Monday while my son recovered. His appendix looked really "nasty" according to the surgeon so he required an extra day in the hospital for more antibiotics and observation, but luckily it had not ruptured. So, it was quite an ordeal but he is now recovering nicely and has even managed to get on playstation today which is a sign that everything is getting back to normal! He also kept food down today for the first time in four days or so which is a relief also.
So, I just wanted to say that these hospitals rock!! Our treatment at both was prompt, thorough and extremely professional, from the nurses, to the surgeons, ER docs, EMT workers, residents, and right on down to the janitors and orderlies who served us. We were treated with nothing but kindness, respect and the best medical care you could ever imagine. I am extremely impressed with both of these places and very grateful to all of their employees for making a difficult situation as easy and stress-free as possible. It's not easy to turn your boy over to a bunch of strangers as they wheel him into an OR, and basically put his life in their hands, but they really put us at ease. This was our first experience with a serious surgery for one of our kids and it really went as well as it possibly could have. He should be all set to go for Christmas, and we're so grateful to these hospitals and their great employees. Of course, we know there were much higher powers at work watching over and blessing us through our ordeal also. We're extremely grateful for His good care as well.
Health is a blessing, I hope you have yours. I'm sure we'll get lots of nice gifts next week but our favorite will always be our wonderful children and family, and our faith.
Happy Holidays!

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