Monday, December 11, 2006

Unfinished Projects Finished!

I started both of these projects about 8 years ago, and then for some reason they have sat in my craft box unfinished ever since! So last week I decided to finish them up. I especially like this quilted star garland that I have hanging over our TV armoire thing, I was happy with how it turned out. I made some ornaments to match it too. As you can see, sheep are also a main theme in my holiday decorating! The mini quilt was almost done, I just had to hand quilt a tiny bit more and sew up an open seam. It's not pieced, its just a design printed on fabric, but I think it's cute. I love to decorate and make Christmas stuff. Is all of your shopping and crafting done? Mine is getting there!


itybtyfrog said...

Adorable crafties! And great job for finally getting them done....I have tons of such projects sitting around waiting to be finished. I feel bad for the guy on the t.v.

Nettie said...

Good job! I think Christmas projects get neglected the most around here. The season is so busy, and after it seems like I just have plenty of time till Christmas comes around again.

I'll bet the cinnamon sticks make the room smell delicious!